the advanced OCR technology powered by NEURODATA that helps you quickly and accurately extract text and data from images. With Neuroparser, you can easily scan and digitize printed documents, receipts, invoices, forms, and more, and convert them into editable text that can be used in your favorite applications.


OCR services streamline invoicing. Data extraction from invoices, including vendor and due date.

Medical orders

Optimize workflow and patient care. Make informed decisions with prescription refills and lab test results.

ID cards

Verify identities quickly. Enhances security and speeds background checks with ID card data extraction


We scan and organize resumes automatically to identify the most qualified candidates.

Handwritten notes

Introducing our groundbreaking Handwritten Notes OCR - The future of effortless data digitization!


Deploy OCR for medical prescriptions: automates data extraction, enhancing efficiency, accuracy..

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